Sunday, July 26, 2009


Spoke to Dad earlier. He made it to Withernsea with "mechanical" problems on the bike! There is no AA or RAC equivalent for cyclists! He left Filey this morning and headed on through Bempton and Flamborough and he said he'd noticed a "knocking" on the front wheel so when he stopped in Bridlington for breakfast he had a look thinking the tyre may have been a bit worn or something. He didn't see anything so carried on. His route took him on through Skipsea and Hornsea where he stopped and ate the packed lunch that his friends had done for him this morning. From there he headed on through Aldbrough (skirting Tunstall - is there really another Tunstall!!!) and on into Withernsea. By this time the "knocking" was getting worse and he noticed when he applied the brakes they were "jumping". On closer inspection he found that his front wheel rim had worn and was about to "blow-out". So he cycled careful on avoiding using his front brakes!! With in being a Sunday there was no chance he would find a bike shop open and by the size of Withernsea it was doubtful it even had a bike shop. However he did notice a man sitting fixing a bike. Dad stopped and asked if he knew anywhere he could get a new wheel for his bike. The man invited Dad around the back of his house and he'd got loads of bike spares. Dad found a mountain bike wheel the same size, gave the bloke a fiver, and headed on his way carrying the new wheel on his bike! What were the chances of that!

Dad found a campsite in Withernsea and they were wanting to charge £25.00 to pitch his tent, and as Dad said he could get a B&B for that price, so he carried on and found a normal priced campsite. Dad then had to start fixing his bike. He took the tyre and spindle off his old wheel and fixed it on the one he picked so hopefully that will do the trick! He did say if he hadn't have the mechanical problems he would given Cav a run for the line in Paris!!

Luckily it was quite a flat day today so he was not using his front brakes excessively because it could have been quite nasty if it had of blown!

Weather has been good today but he has had a head wind. He was just off to the pub for a meal and a pint. Think he deserves it after the day he's had!

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