Sunday, July 5, 2009

John o'Groats and onto Wick

Well today Dad made it to John o'Groats (4 days ahead of schedule).

Dad had a good night in Thurso last night. He didn't get see the pipers - he'd got the wrong weekend! However he did manage to get a pint or two! He set off as planned about 8.00 as it was only 20 miles to John o'Groats.

He met up with Mike Carter the journalist who is writing in the Observer. Dad arrived at the campsite at 10.00 as planned and it was packed with bikers, so it was a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack!. He gave Mike a call but got "this mobile is unavailable". He then noticed a guy coming out of the shower block and that was Mike! They headed off for breakfast and spent a couple of hours chatting over bacon and coffee! They then headed off for a short ride out to Duncansby Head and the lighthouses. They had a couple of photos taken. Hopefully I'll get them soon - when Dad posts back the camera. I think I should really have got him a camera phone!!! They are hoping to meet again should their paths cross later in the trip. Mike is hoping to write a book on his return ... I know what I'll be getting Dad for a Christmas present!!! Actually I've just got Dad a copy of the book Mike has already written "Uneasy Rider" ... I hope Dad will not want a motorcycle now!

After the ride out to Duncansby Head Dad waved goodbye to Mike and headed off on his own on the A99 (sounds more like an ice-cream than a road) to Wick. Dad is now cycling along the East Coast of Scotland.

Tonight Dad is camping in Wick,_Highland . He was just cooking up his three course meal when I spoke to him ... cup a soup, beans and sausage followed by pears, banana and custard! Wouldn't want to be following Dad tomorrow if he's had beans for tea!

All in all a great day for Dad plus Cavendish won stage 2 on the Tour de France and is now in the green jersey!

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