Thursday, July 9, 2009


Dad is currently in Findhorn camping next to RAF Kinloss He had only been there 15 minutes and already five jets had taken off! If that carries on I can see someone not getting much sleep tonight!

Weather started off well this morning but it deteriorated during the day and can be best described as "mixed"! This morning he followed a bike route into Inverness (approx 12 miles) which was all through the lanes. He then had to pick up the A9 into Inverness. He cycled over the Kessock Bridge This bridge features on the Scottish £100 notes - not much chance of me getting ones those!!! Dad stopped in the middle of the bridge and looked out over the Moray Firth and saw two dolphins.

Dad stopped off at Tesco and had one of their mega breakfasts - five items for £1.50. Dad did say that he thought there ought to be a Tesco at every morning breakfast stop ! He then continued on the A96 which was a busy road but luckily had a cycle lane. He stopped off at Ardersier and Fort George,_Highland As the barracks are still used as a military establishment they were reluctant to let Dad bring his bike inside. They wanted him to "park" it on the car park but as Dad pointed out stuff might get pinched out of it so eventually they reluctantly let him bring it in. Dad did get ticked off though for propping it up against the wall. It was pointed out that it was a listed building!!! He should have pointed out that by the time he finishes his cycle ride that bike will be a "listed" bike!! He spent a good couple of hours having a look around the barracks. He then rode onto Nairn, Forres and eventually Finehorn.

I've got some photos from his disposable camera which unfortunately are not brilliant quality but will try and post some later.

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