Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Just spoke to Dad. He is about four miles north of Skegness in a place called Ingoldmells. He finished cycling about 3.00 pm as he was battling against a head wind and thought it would be better to camp on the outskirts of Skegness rather than trying to find a quiet campsite in Skegness. It's very "touristy" area with most seaside resorts having mile after mile of caravan parks.

Last night after he'd come off the phone from me he'd gone for a walk and managed to find a pub. This morning he left Cleethorpes after a brief chat to the model railway station man. Trains didn't start til 10.00 am so we've got no photo of the train. Dad headed off back into Cleethorpes and from there he cycled through Humberston, Tetney, Tetney Locks and North Somercoates. As he was cycling along he noticed a man standing around looking down and when Dad got to him he noticed he was with a man who had collapsed and they were just waiting for the police/ambulance. Dad wasn't sure what had happened but as there was someone there to help Dad decided to cycle on. It was then on Saltfleet and into Mablethorpe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mablethorpe . The roads are very flat so no hills to cycle up and down these last few days. The area of Lincolnshire is also very good for bird watching. Mablethorpe was very busy so Dad had lunch and then cycled on along the Prom and past all the beach huts to Sandilands (which Dad thought was about seven miles). From there it was on to Chapel St Leonards and into Ingoldmells http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ingoldmells (just been reading that Ingoldmells was were Billy Butlin opened his first Butlins holiday camp ... might be useful in a pub quiz sometime!)

Dad had cooked up already. Cup a soup and a tin of steak and gravy and a tin of button mushrooms! He was about to have his banana and custard for pudding. The campsite has a pub so Dad said he would venture over there later.

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