Saturday, July 18, 2009


Spoke to Dad earlier. He is now camping at Cocksburnspath (was a bit worried about Googling Cocksburnspath ... you never know what something like that will bring up!!!).

Today has been another wet/dry day. However Dad did say they must have had some rain overnight as there were quite a few floods en-route. However Dad never heard the rain - he slept like a log at Rob's place.

Dad had a slight hiccup this morning locking up Rob's flat. He needed to post the keys back through the door. Which he did, no problems. It was only when he'd taken the lift and got out of the flat did he realise he'd not got his helmet, gloves and sunglasses! Why doesn't that surprise me ... I wished I'd had a bet on what he'd leave behind! Anyway he'd got spare gloves and he found a bike shop and purchased a new helmet (£25) and sunglasses (£2.00) - I bet they aren't a pair of Oakleys! He did find an Aldi and nipped in to see if they had any cycling gear on offer. Unfortunately the cycling gear doesn't go on sale until 23rd July! (Note to any cyclist reading ... put that date in your diary!!).

Today's route from Edinburgh took him through Mussleburgh, Prestonpans (which is where he found an Aldi) and Port Seaton He stopped off in North Berwick and had his cheapest all day breakfast - five items for £1.99. He then headed off to Dunbar

Today Dad has been following Sustrans Route 76 and also part of the John Muir Way

I've found out that the route Dad has mostly been following is Sustrans Route 1

Tonight Dad is camping in a field and on his walk from the shower block he has found mushrooms (which he assures me ARE mushrooms). So he is going to cook them up with his tin of steak and his tin of new potatoes!

Either tonight or tomorrow he is going to meet up with a friend who is going to cycle with him.

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