Thursday, July 16, 2009

Edinburgh (Leith)

Sorry for late post I've been to watch Harry Potter. Did speak to Dad before I went just didn't have time to blog! Well Dad is now in Edinburgh and in luxury. He is staying at Rob & Sue's. Their flat is up on the sixth floor so excellent views of the Docks and the Royal Yacht (I never can spell that word!!) Britannia. Dad did try telling me that he carried his bike up ... but then let it slip that he took it in the lift! He has a proper bed for the night ... now in Top Trumps that beats a table and chair!!

It was another "repair" day and Dad spent the morning looking for a seamstress to sew up his stuff bag for his sleeping bag. First one he found that said open at 9.00 am. He hung around until 9.30 and they didn't show up so he rode on. The next one he found they said "come back in two hours to pick it up", so again Dad rode on. He then found another seamstress in Kingshorn who said "leave it with us, go for a coffee next door and it will be ready". True to their word it was and it only cost a £1.00 so Dad was well chuffed.

Today's route has taken him through Buckhaven, Kirkcaldy, Kingshorn, Burntisland, Delgety Bay, Inverkeithing. The heavens opened and it poured with rain just as he was about to cycle over the Fourth Road Bridge so he nipped off for a coffee until it had passed. Hopefully we have a photo of the bridge! From there Dad picked up cycle route 1 again into Edinburgh.

Dad will get to watch the cycling tonight! He will stay on in Edinburgh until Saturday so that he can have an explore around and have a rest day from the bike.

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