Friday, October 14, 2011

Almost 10,000 views

Can you believe, almost 10,000 page views on Dad's blog ... so who actually is reading this blog ?

Apparently there have 444 pageviews in the last month - bizarre.  The post I wrote on Charmouth Aug 17, 2009 while Dad was cycling around the coast, always seems to be the top of the list of views. This last month it had 39 views. Why, what did I write on that day that was so interesting ?

Always strange to look at the stats of the audience viewing the blog. There were over 100 views from the UK this last week (probably all me !) but then US had 26, Canada had 15, Russia 10 (can the Russians understand what I write) and India and Japan 3 views each - all this sounds a bit like the voting on the Eurovision Song Contest !

53% of the readers view the blog in IE, 22% Firefox, 13% Chrome and then Safari, Opera and less than 1% on NS8 - whatever that is.

Most users are using Windows (83%), then Mac (10%) and then through Linux, Andriod and with less than 1% on a Blackberry ... well they have been struggling this week !

Still get a high proportion of traffic from Mike Carter's article in the Guardian and from Facebook and assume from his followers.

Now my own blog which has been going longer has had just over 500 hits ... says a lot really !

Lake District Day 6 and 7

Didn't get chance blog yesterday. Had a quick phone call with Dad last night. The weather had turned good so they all headed off up Scafell Pike. Unfortunately they didn't quite make it to the very top as the cloud came down. They had two attempts but in the end decided against it. It was quite a long day and they'd not long been in when I spoke to him.  Dad was "killing a bit of time" waiting for Spag Bol for tea !

Today the weather has been dry but a bit dull and cloudy. However still a good day for walking. They decided to stay low level today (still feeling the affects of Scafell from yesterday).  They finished off the walk at the pub for a celebratory pint !  On the menu tonight was stir fry ... hopefully Dad might come back with a few more recipes up his sleeve !

Heading home tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lake District Day 5

Spoke to Dad earlier. Yet more rain!  Apparently overnight it had "lashed" it down and there was some localised flooding!  Thankfully Dad's friend Bob who was camping down at the pub had pitched his tent on higher ground and stayed dry overnight ... the kids out doing Duke of Edinburgh Award hadn't faired so well ! Lesson to be learnt there I think.

A late start this morning while they waited for the rain ease. When it eventually did stop raining about 10.30 am they headed off for a coastal walk. They walked from St Bees to Whitehaven and then headed back on a slightly inland route.

Dad's turn in the kitchen tonight. He did chicken curry (from a tin) and rice. They ought to be thankfully he didn't buy a tin of Butcher's Choice, thinking it was curry, like he did when he was cycling round the coast ! Pudding was peaches and rice pudding. When I asked if he'd made the rice pudding, he said "yeah, I opened the tin" ! Food must have been good, or they were starving, as they cleared their plates.

No nipping off the pub tonight ...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lake District Day 4

Just spoken to Dad. Weather hasn't been brill today again but they managed to get a low level walk in around Gosforth. They didn't set out until 10.30 and had to have lunch sheltering from the rain but at least they got a walk in. They'd finished walking by about 4.00 pm.

Whilst out walking Dad found a very wet wallet, with cash, driving licence, cards, etc in.  It was a local address and when they'd finished walking Dad went off in the car in search of the owner. He asked at the Post Office and Campsite if anyone knew the address. Eventually he found someone to give him directions and headed off to find what Dad described as "the most remotest house ever" !  Luckily there was someone in and Dad reunited the son with his wallet. Apparently he had lost it some time ago whilst out on his mountain bike but he actually thought he'd lost it in the house so hadn't applied for a new driving licence. The lad gave Dad £15 for returning the wallet  - nice gesture. The money is currently drying on the heater in Dad's room and he is planning on going down the pub with it later !

Dad's friend Bob has arrived and is currently camping down by the pub ... so that's another excuse for Dad to nip out to see him !

Monday, October 10, 2011

Lake District Day 3

Just spoken to Dad. They've had a very wet morning. In the end they ended up getting the waterproofs on and walking to a cafe half an hour away, having a brew and walking back again. They then had their packed lunch in the cottage and by that time the weather had cleared up and they headed off for a walk around Wast Water.  On the way back they stopped off at the pub ... Dad thought the women would head back to the cottage but they all stayed for a drink !

Dad was just waiting for his evening meal when he rang. So far the food has been good with each taking a turn to cook the evening meal ... I can't wait til it's Dad's turn!

Tomorrow, Dad's friend Bob is heading up but he is camping at the pub ... well I think that's just another excuse for my Dad to visit the pub !  Hopefully they will get another walk in tomorrow but again the weather forecast not very good.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lake District day 2

Spoke to Dad earlier. The weather hasn't been as bad today as forecast. They've done some low level walking in dry and relatively warm weather.

Dad had a good night down the pub last night - got his dinner and his beer bought for him by his friends for his birthday. That's always a good night out.

When I spoke to him they were just getting ready for the evening meal .... they'd over come a bit of a crisis in getting the oven to work. That must mean there is more than just cup-a-soup on the menu tonight if they are using the oven! 

Hopefully speak to Dad tomorrow and I'll update again.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lake District

Dad is off on his travels again ! He's off to the Lake District for the week. Not a great start ... wet, misty and damp were the words he used!

They had a good journey up having lunch at Windermere and a cuppa at Ravensglass and got to the cottage just after 4.00 pm (earliest they could gain access was 4.00).

They are staying in a cottage at Santon Bridge, Eskdale and some how Dad has managed to swing it so he's got the biggest bedroom and the double bed ! Hope he doesn't get used to the "luxury" ....  he's used to sleeping on a mat in his tent.  Only place with a phone signal is the attic bedroom.  Tonight they are off the pub for a late birthday meal, any excuse for a pub meal !

Tomorrow they are staying low level to do some walking as the forecast is not good but forecast should be improving come Tuesday.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back-packer returns ..

Dad got back on Thursday evening just in time to settle down and watch Stoke beat Besiktas live on TV.

He had a great trip with great weather. After coming off Cadair Idris on Wednesday they'd camped at  Hafod Dywyll Campsite which is close to Kings Youth Hostel. There they met up with a guy named Geoff who kindly sent me a photo of Dad and Bob as they were about to depart on Thursday morning.

They then headed on back to Fairbourne.