Wednesday, July 29, 2009

King's Lynn

Had just a brief chat to Dad tonight. He is now in King's Lynn but it has been a VERY wet day ... well afternoon. He arrived in King's Lynn's_Lynn) and decided to look for a B&B. It's no fun camping after you have been cycling in the rain! He tried a couple of places (one was a homeless place!) and none had vacancies. He then stopped a guy out walking his dog and asked if he could recommend anywhere to try. The guy offered Dad a bed for the night. So Dad has just had a shower and was heading off to find something to eat.

Today's route has taken him along the A16 and through Boston,_Lincolnshire which has one of the most noticeable Church's known as the Stump (,_Boston) and on the A17. Where possible Dad has tried to keep off the main roads but it's not always been possible.

Tomorrow hopefully the weather will be better and Dad will head off toward Hunstanton.

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  1. Can't believe how quick he's zipping down the east coast! Bit more straight forward than west Scotland. Lots of ins and outs there to cycle round or find ferries and or bridges to cross.

    Wouldn't fancy riding anywhere today. And so I didn't. New chain and chain ring on my single speed today after giving it a long overdue clean yesterday.

    Just got to adjust and grease back wheel bearings tomorrow morning. Not the best week for a holiday.