Saturday, July 11, 2009


Just spoken to Dad. He is camping at Fraserburgh - which is at the tip before he turns the corner and starts going down the east coast again. Been a bit chilly today as he has been cycling in his track-suit bottoms (more about that in a bit). He is hoping to meet up with a pal tomorrow night.

Today's route took him along the A98 but it being a Saturday morning it was relatively quiet. He stopped off for coffee in Portsoy and got chatting to a lady who has cycled round the coast but in stages and over a number of years. They had nice chat over coffee and flapjack (they didn't do bacon sandwiches!!). He then picked up some minor roads/lanes and cycled through Whitehills, Banff, MacDuff (is there really a place called MacDuff!). For lunch he headed off into Gardenstown. What he didn't realise was it was a long decent into Gardenstown and an even harder climb out! It took him 25 minutes to push/ride his back bike out! All of that to find a bench so he could sit and eat his sandwiches. After lunch cycling was mainly on lanes through Pennan and Rosehearty and into Fraserburgh. Dad wants it putting on the record that there are alot of hills in the north east of Scotland!

Today Dad has had a shoe malfunction ... basically one of his cycling shoes has fallen to bits. However he has done some repairs with super-glu and silver gaffer tape (he fixes everything with silver gaffer tape!). Dad managed to spill some super-glu on his tracksuit bottoms ... I suppose it was good he was wearing them or he might have stuck his legs together! Now that would have slowed him down a bit!

Forgot to ask what was on the menu tonight ... but no doubt a cup-a-soup will feature in it!

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