Friday, July 10, 2009


Dad is camping in Cullen tonight The campsite is a big improvement on last nights. Dad now wishes he had cycled on a couple of miles last night as this morning he passed a much better site. The one he used last night had mostly workman on it plus it was virtually on the end of the runway for the RAF planes! He did go for a wander and found a couple of birds hides plus a hut to sit and watch the planes (he could have probably done that from his tent!). Dad went out for a pint but they were charging £3.85 a pint - probably because of the close proximity of the RAF base!

Today Dad finished cycling about 3.00 pm so when I spoke to him he'd had a shower and been shopping. Dad has followed cycle route 1 again and passed through Burghead, Lossiemouth which also has a RAF base and Garmouth. Part of the route today from Port Gordon to Buckie was along an old railway line. Dad enjoyed today's route as it was mostly off the major roads. It also passed several little harbour villages like Buckie
and through Portnockie

Dad also meet three walkers who had just completed the Speyside Way

Tonight he is cooking up cup-a-soup, beans and sausage followed by semolina and banana (I didn't know you could actually purchase semolina I just thought it was something they gave you at school or when you were in hospital!!!). He is giving the pub a miss and going in search of dolphins.

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