Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Just spoken to Dad. He had to ring from a pay-phone as there was no phone signal. He's done well - that's only the second time he's got no signal. So Asda (Vodafone) is serving him well!

A bit of catching up to do and 20p doesn't get you far on a pay-phone phone! Had a good night in Poolewe. There was no live music on in the pub (as advertised) but instead they had tennis on so he watched Murray's game. From Poolewe he took the A832 towards Ullapool. Very hilly. One of the hills took two hours to climb (yes TWO hours going uphill!!). He said the downhills are not much good either as it's all twists and turns so he has to take it easy. This is one of the hills (or maybe mountains) in the region I bet Dad wishes he'd got his boots! Yesterday he met up again with Adrian from Chester. Their paths have crossed several times. They went out for a fish and chip meal!

Last night was spent in Ullapool YHA. Today he headed off from Ullapool on the A835. At Drumrunie he took a left onto some minor roads. He cycled along Loch Lugainn and along the side of Stac Pollaidh Stunning scenery.

Tonight he is camping overlooking the bay. Hopefully going to spot some dolphins later. Talking of which he has seen quite a bit of wildlife. Today he saw a stag and a deer. Even got off his bike to walk a bit closer (hopefully got a picture of that!). Weather has been hot but I don't think it is as hot has it's been here. It's trying to rain at the moment so he has to keep dashing for cover!

Where before he was cycling around 10 miles an hour over this terrain it's 10 miles per hour an a half. Still not bad going! Still ahead of schedule. Tomorrow he'll start heading along the north coast of Scotland. Probably be in John o'Groats by Sunday 5th July.

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