Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday visiting

Well today has been a day of visiting parents ... first Mum this morning in her residential home and then Dad this afternoon. Set off for visiting Dad early as I thought I'd be better placed to get a parking space. How wrong was I. I visited every car park on the Hospital, together with another little black car that was circling round with me. I even went off and tried on the other site and that road took me back to A&E so I circled that car park again and as I was leaving a couple were walking back to the car park, so I asked them if they were going and they were. I stalked them back to their car and I'd got a space - 20 minutes after I'd arrived at the hospital ! So much for getting their early.

However the lack of parking was soon forgotten as I entered Dad's ward as he was much brighter today. He was sitting up in bed and I soon as I turned up the oxygen mask was off. I started dishing out the treats I'd got him and everyone I got a "no I'm eating that", "no I'm not drinking that" but I opened the grapes and he ate one and opened a carton of orange and he drank that ! He also had a cup of tea. His friend also turned up so between us we kept the conversation flowing. We managed to convince Dad that he wasn't knocking on those pearly gates just yet and once Dad realised he was no longer in Intensive Care he did start to believe us! Dad also realised that "he'd been away with the fairies" and all those people that he was convinced had visited him yesterday might have been in his dream !  We talked about the bike and cycling and where yesterday he'd said he was never riding again today he talked about his next "adventure" on the bike and it was me and him cycling around Westport Lake. That's definitely an improvement! I did say he needed to ask for a supply of whatever Lance Armstrong has been on for all those years for both me and Dad! 

Hopefully later this afternoon they were going to try him sitting in the chair. He'll feel better for that as the others on the ward are up and about.

I left him with his supplies and several get well cards.  So both parent visits went well today.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

back on a normal ward

I rang up to see how Dad was this morning and they told me he'd been moved from Critical Care and back onto the normal ward which was great news. Rang on and off through the day but never got to speak to anyone.

Just in from visiting. Dad is now in a four bed ward in Coronary Care. Another tough visit as Dad was confused and upset which made me upset. I don't know what I was expecting at this visit, maybe miracles. When I got there one of the staff was trying to coax him to eat a yogurt. He'd eaten about half of it. He's drinking water though and we managed to talk him into eating a banana. He's still very tired and sleepy.

Apparently Dad has had visitors today which was nice as I wasn't able to make afternoon visiting. There was a bit on confusion as they turned up to see Jack Allen and were told there wasn't a Jack Allen on the ward but we have a John Allen. His visitor popped his head in the ward and said "oh that's Jack Allen".  Dad's name is actually John Allen but only his sister's family refer to him as John. It's actually a bit confusing on his ward of four beds as three people are called John and the other man is called Don ! I've told them to call him Jack !

Again didn't stay too long, Dad was really sleepy. Hopefully after a good nights sleep tonight he'll be feeling better. As they say tomorrow is another day !

Friday, November 28, 2014

First Visit

Dad got taken off the ventilator around lunch time today. I rang at tea time and they said he was alert, doing well so I asked if it was ok to visit. I'm just back from visiting. Not an easy place to find Critical Care in the new hospital complex, I'd headed off in one direction, only having to re-trace my steps as the lift I'd found didn't go to lower ground 2. I re-read the signs in the entrance area again and headed off in a different direction. Got into the lift with a lady and her daughter and they asked which floor and we were going the same. When I got out the lift they asked where I was heading and I said Critical Care and they were. I said my Dad is in Pod 2 and so was their Dad. I said my Dad is in bed 14 and she said mine is in 13, and as they'd visited a few times they took me straight to my Dad! That was a relief as I'm sure I'd have got lost trying to find the place on my own.

I'm not sure what I expected really. I knew he wouldn't be sitting up in bed drinking a cup of tea but I don't suppose I was really prepared for what being in Critical Care really meant. Dad was hooked to LOTS of tubes and electrical gadgets. There was equipment all around his bed, monitoring and administering various stuff. Dad had tubes from his neck and hand and sticky things all over him. Even part of his new scar was on show ! Apparently they pump the body full of fluid so his hands and arms were quite swollen. Dad was very drowsy and I'm not sure if he'll remember me visiting. The first thing he said to me is what day is it. I only stayed about three quarters of an hour as it was obvious he wanted to sleep.  I gave him a drink of water (through a straw) and I told him to pretend it was beer as it was a Friday night ... that managed a smile ! I did ask him if it felt worse than a really bad hangover and he said he didn't feel that bad !

I asked the nurse what they had done during surgery and they'd repaired the valve and grafted one artery. They said he'll be back on his bike in no time !  I did ask Dad if he wanted me to bring in his bike so he could cycle home and he said no !  He must be feeling rough !

They said he is doing real well and they couldn't believe he was 80! Hopefully tomorrow he'll be back on a normal ward.

A quick update

Dad is now awake and off the ventilator and just on oxygen. Hopefully get to visit him later today.
Many thanks to everyone that has sent good wishes.

Post-op update

I rang and checked on Dad last night. He was still sleeping and on a ventilator which apparently is normal after this type of op. They were going to let him sleep for a few more hours and then start to wake him. 

I've rang this morning to check on his progress. He's now half awake and still on the ventilator. They are going to run some tests on him over the next few hours and hopefully he'll be off the ventilator. I said I'd ring and check on him after lunch with the view of visiting later and they said he may be out of ICU and back on the normal ward.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

He's had the op !

Dad's heart by-pass op was scheduled for first thing (not sure what time that is!). I knew it was a relatively big operation so I left it til after 2.00 to ring ICU and check but they told me he'd not returned from theatre and try later. I rang after 3.00 and was told the same. By this time I was getting worried so I rang the ward to see if his op had been delayed but they said he'd left the ward around 8.00/9.00 ish for theatre. I rang ICU again just after 4.00 and was told the same thing that he'd not arrived back again but to try after 5.00. By now I was getting really worried! Just got in from work and tried about 5.30 and he'd just arrived back and they were just settling him in. I said I'd ring again later to check he's settled in ok. Such a relief to hear he's in ICU I was getting worried especially after each time I rang and he was not back.

Dad asked me not to visit (nor anyone else) the first day in ICU as he'll have tubes in and equipment, plus he'll be drowsy and just want to rest so will check tomorrow and hopefully get to visit. As well as seeing how Dad is getting on I want to see what Pod 2 is like !

Will keep you posted.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A quick update ..

Just got a text from Dad from the hospital. He's got a nice big room so I assume he's in there on his own. He's scheduled for the first operation, so fingers crossed no emergencies come in over night.

There's been a lot of finger crossing these last few weeks !

He's there !

Well he's made it to the hospital (well I dropped him at the door). I've not had a phone call yet to say come fetch me back there's no bed !

He is scheduled for the heart by-pass operation and sorting out the leaky valve first thing tomorrow morning. I think the op should take a few hours so probably won't know anymore until tomorrow afternoon. He'll be in intensive care for a few days and then back on the normal ward.

Will keep the blog updated and many thanks for all the good wishes.

Over the first hurdle ...

Well we are over the first hurdle ... they have a bed for Dad. He's going in about 7.00 ish tonight. This will mean op tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed it goes ahead as planned !

Will keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

As Wednesday approaches ...

As Wednesday approaches we get another postponement of the op! This time it's postponed until next Wednesday (26th November). The same procedure - ring up on Wednesday afternoon to check bed availability ready for the op on the Thursday.

I've lost count of how many postponements we've had now ! I did think it might go ahead this week as me and Dad have tickets to go watch Revolution at the Velodrome in Manchester on Saturday night but at least Dad gets to watch the cycling !

Will keep you posted on any more updates

Friday, November 14, 2014

It's postponed again !

Dad's op has been postponed again - is this 4th or 5th postponement I've lost count! He was scheduled to go in on Sunday 16th with op on Monday 17th. However it's been put back again and he is now scheduled to go in on Wednesday 19th with op Wednesday 20th!

Crossing fingers hasn't worked so far ... his original date was 15th October, he could have been well on the way to recovery now if he'd had it done then!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Lastest Update

Dad has heard from the hospital again today. He is NOT going in this Sunday but hopefully it will be next Sunday (16th) with the op scheduled for Monday 17th. He needs another pre-op as it's been that long since his last and that will be on Monday 10th November. Again everything is provisional and subject to change at the last minute !

Dad was out doing his "big" shop when the hospital rang and left a message ... at least his fridge and cupboards are well stocked for the week.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Postponed AGAIN !

Dad has just had a telephone call to say they've postponed the op again!
He "might"be going in on Sunday now, with op on Monday but we need to wait and see.
Will keep you updated when we know more.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Keeping fingers crossed

We are keeping our fingers crossed that they have a bed for Dad tomorrow. He needs to ring up after 2.00 to check. He's been having his anti-bacterial washes again which I think have done something to his head as he's even cleaned up today !

Will keep you posted and many thanks for everyone that has sent Dad good wishes so far !