Thursday, July 23, 2009


I didn’t get to speak to Dad last night as he had no mobile phone signal. Not surprising as he was out on the North Yorkshire Moors.

Yesterday’s route had taken him through Hartlepool
which Dad was more impressed with than he thought he would be. It was then onto Middlesbrough where he was cycling in rain with a head wind and up hill! He decided to stop fuel, a bacon sandwich and coffee, and asked in the café what the best way to get across the River Tees was. They suggested taking the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge
which at 40p for Dad and 20p for the bike was a snitch. Dad was really impressed with the bridge as you are carried across in a gondala suspended from it. From there he hugged the coast through Redcar, Marske-by-the-Sea and Saltburn-by-the-Sea and onto Loftus.

He had arranged to met up with friends, Pete and Uni, in Staithes last night.
Staithes is a very picturesque fishing village with a mega steep hill down to it. Dad cycled down to the village and Pete and Uni came in by car. They both arrived at roughly the same time. Pete and Uni left Dad and went off looking for a campsite. A man came up to Dad and said “you look like you need a campsite”. Dad explained that his friends had gone looking for one. The man said “well if you don’t find anywhere you are welcome to camp at my house” and gave directions to his house. Pete and Uni came back with the news that they hadn’t found anywhere to camp to which Dad replied “I have”!! So off they went to find the house. They pitched Pete’s big tent on the lawn. The guy also gave them a key to the bungalow which he in the process of renovating so they had use of bathroom facilities and kitchen! Aren’t people kind (if you are reading this David Whitlock - thank you so much!!). Once they had got themselves settled Dad, Peter and Uni went to the pub (Fox & Hounds) for fish & chips and a pint.

This morning when they were packing up Dad went into the bungalow to use the facilities and when he had finished he came out of the bungalow but left the key inside ... one slight problem his bike, tent and all his stuff were now locked inside the bungalow!!!! Thankfully David also lived on the same plot so Dad had to go and knock him up this morning and ask if he had a spare key so Dad could retrieve his stuff!

When I spoke to Dad just before lunch he had just stopped in Whitby and was sat over looking the bay (I could even hear the seagulls). Today he is having a leisurely ride, well if you call a 1 in 4" descent into Whitby which means, what goes down must go up to get out of Whitby a leisurely ride!!, He is also meeting up with Pete and Uni at regular intervals. Tonight he will camp again with Pete and Uni hopefully in Scarborough.


  1. Hi There
    Here I am drinking wine in Filey, nearly legless. Been for a tour of Filey Brigg and the Country Park. He's been showered and clothes washed and taught how to peg out his washing.
    Jack & Jean

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