Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bamburgh and back in England

Well Dad is now back in England ... as he says "he's done the best now for the rest"! He is camping in Bamburgh tonight. Today he has ridden with a friend (David). Weather has been good just one small rain shower. However there has been a lot of rain over the last few days and the campsite they are staying on is flooded in places. Thankfully Dad has a dry spot (next to the cafe!) otherwise it would have been like sleeping on a burst water bed! Unfortunately the cafe is closed so they are off out to find fish and chips in a place called Seahouses. No doubt they will stumble upon a pub in the process!

Today they have been following Sustrans route 76 down through Eyemouth and Burnmouth. They then picked up the A1 into Berwick-upon-Tweed. and back into England. He did pop round to see Norman (Wilson's Bike) on Mike Carter's recommendation but unfortunately it being a Sunday it was closed. Dad popped a note through to say he had called. So instead off they went for a coffee and bacon sandwich. From there they went "off-roading" and when I say "off-roading" I mean off-roading. At one stage they had to go up some steps ... Dad's bike and weight he's carrying not ideal for climbing steps but between Dad and David they managed to get it to the top. From there it was riding across grass and fields and through many gates towards the Holy Island (Lindisfarne). Unfortunately the tide was in so they couldn't go across so instead they had a lunch stop. They then got back on route 1 through Fenwick and descended into Belford (where they stopped for a cup of tea) and then they had to climb back out again and onto Bamburgh.

So that's Scotland done and dusted on his grand tour.

I gave Dad all the TDF news and asked if he had posted me anything as I've had a note from the Post Office informing me that they have a letter which has insufficient postage paid. Yes it is one of Dad's letters ... not only have I got to pay £1.08, I've got to go and fetch it from the Post Office !!!!

Just a reminder of my email address if anyone wants to get in touch kendieplonks at googlemail dot com

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