Sunday, July 12, 2009


Spoken to Dad earlier. He's had a "easy" day today and had knocked off by 11.00 am in Peterhead. It was raining and he was meeting a pal (Kevin). He found a Weatherspoons and had an all day Scottish Breakfast for £2.70 and then headed off to find the campsite and pitch his tent (in the rain!). However he managed to get a pitch close to the toilet block so he's back to having en-suite facilities on his tent.

Today's route took him through St Combs and St Fergus and it's big gas tanks and then onto Peterhead Dad had contemplated staying on in Fraserburgh yesterday but it was dry first thing and he was not that impressed with the campsite (next to a fish factory) nor with Fraserburgh.

Once Dad had meet up with Kevin they headed back into Peterhead (via the car) and back into Weatherspoons and had a Sunday lunch and a couple pints of beer. I think Dad has spent most of today in Weatherspoons!

Tomorrow Dad will head off to Aberdeen ... shoe shopping! I don't often say Dad is going shoe shopping but he needs to replace his cycle shoes which have held up well with super-glu and gaffer tape today in the rain.

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  1. Aye aye. I hail from Fraserburgh, so I know how your dad feels about not being impressed! ;)

    Its true that the campsite is in a terrible place, there was another site in town, also not far from the beach, but vandalism had its way with it and now its an astroturf football pitch.

    That said, there is the Heritage Museum at Kinnaird Lighthouse, and... well, I'm sure there must be other things, I mean, apart from pubs, charity shops and churches, ha!

    Good luck to your dad! :)