Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week 8 Summary

Summary of this week's cycling

Day 50 Bamburg to Morpeth 43 miles
Day 51 Morpeth to Blackhall Rocks 42 miles
Day 52 Blackhall Rocks to Staithes 43 miles
Day 53 Staithes to Robin Hoods Bay 20 miles
Day 54 Robin Hoods Bay to Filey 24 miles
Day 55 Filey
Day 56 Filey to Withernsea 47 miles

I make that to be 219 miles added to the total so far comes to 2202 miles covered to date.

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  1. Hi - I know it's a bit late in the day but you can actually get a cycling equivalent of AA/RAC. Members of the CTC (cyclists touring club) get free cycle breakdown cover.

    Anyway hope that he is ok. Trouble with more powerful modern rim brakes is they do wear your rims through more quickly. I had a few wear out on my mountainbikes while it's only ever happened once on my road bikes.

    Tell him to have a look at his rear rims too as his front has gone. The indicators are thin cracks in line with the rim and high and low spots that correspond to the spokes and the gaps between Spokes. The rim will feel high at same place as there is a spoke and low between spokes. Might be worth finding a bike shop in a biggish town next time he goes through one. Probably safer to get a new rim built up considering how many miles he does do and how many still to go.