Saturday, July 4, 2009


Dad has just rang. He's in Thurso. Been having some routine maintenance done ... no not on the bike but on the body! He's had his hair and beard trimmed. A number one all over. He'll be looking like an escaped convict again!

He's been in touch with Mike Carter (the Observer guy) who is already in John O'Groats. So they are meeting in the morning. Dad is planning on setting off about 8.00 ish so hopefully he'll be there by 10.00. Mike is already on the campsite and apparently there are LOADS of bikers (all doing the end to end). Until the last few days Dad hasn't really seen many other bikers.

Dad is staying in a back-packers hostel which is over a chippy, so he's had fish, chips, peas, bread and butter and a cup of tea for a fiver. Sounds a good deal to me! I think this might be the hostel he is at

From Bettyhill he head off A836. Quite a few bikers were en-route. He got into Thurso in good time. Tonight he is off to see some pipers and then off to the pub (hope he remembers he needs to be off for 8.00 a.m).

Given him the latest news on the TDF.

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