Friday, July 17, 2009

Edinburgh Day 2

Spoke to Dad earlier but he was busy ... so I rang him back later. He's well popular at the moment! Today he has spent the day in and around Edinburgh. He caught the bus into Edinburgh on a £3.00 day ticket. He was meeting a friend but had a few hours to kill prior to meeting her. So as it was raining he had a look around of the Bank of Scotland Museum and a Gallery.

He then met his friend and they went for a pub lunch (he also had to arrange with Rob & Sue to drop off of the keys to the flat as they are away this weekend). In the afternoon the weather picked up a bit so they went for a walk up to Holyrood House. Unfortunately it started to rain again so they hopped on the first bus back into the town centre. Instead they had a look around the National Museum of Scotland which killed a few rainy hours. They then went for coffee in the library.

Dad is now back at Rob's flat after mastering all the various locks to get back in! He is going to spend the evening admiring the view of the docks!

Weather must have been bad today as Dad actually said he was glad he wasn't on the bike!

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