Thursday, June 1, 2017

It's 8 years since Dad set off on his ride round the coast of Britain

How time flies ... it's been 8 years since Dad set off on his ride around the coast of Britain at the grand age of 74. Unfortunately Dad doesn't ride anymore, not since his heart op but he got the best part of 80 years of riding in before he hung up the bike (or whatever it is you do with a bike!).  The bike is now waiting for me to take up riding ... that saddle will need to be lowered so my feet reach the floor for a start!

We made lots of news friends with the blog and fellow coast of Britain riders. Dad even inspired a few to ride the coast when they heard of his trip.  Many of them are still riding and off on new adventures on their bikes.

I learnt about lots of places around the coast of Britain whilst writing the blog ... even now my ears will prick up when I hear a place name of somewhere I know Dad rode through, so what I didn't learn in Geography at school I learnt from my Dad's travels :)