Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dingwall Day 2

Dad decided to have a day off the bike and so has stayed on at Dingwall. Did has laundry first thing and then caught the bus into Inverness and spent the day there. He has visited the museum, the castle and the cathedral and walked his legs off. He did say it's much harder walking than it is biking! He'd only just got back in at about 6.30 pm

Last night, on the campsite, he met up again with Jon - another end to ender that he'd first met at Bettyhill. Both headed off for a pint (followed by fish & chips). Dad did comment that come 10.00 pm the pubs had shut!

Dad was just about to start getting tea ... cup-a-soup, salmon rolls followed by apricots and custard. No pub tonight as he did say he was having an early night as all the walking had worn him out. No doubt if someone is looking for a drinking buddy Dad will oblige ... well it would be rude not to!

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