Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

It's Dad's birthday today - he's 75 but don't tell him I've told you! He's been out on the bike with the Wednesday Wheelers and they've cycled to Alrewas and the National Memorial Arboretum He had hoped to clock up 75 miles but the trip was only 62! I did ask why he'd not gone round the block a couple of times but he'd limped back with only three gears, so we will let him off this time. It's a good job that bike is going in for an overhaul on Friday!

Cat & Fiddle ride was on Sunday. Dad did it in 4 hours 45 minutes. He did say cycling without the panniers was a doddle! Met loads of folk out on the road and back at Rourkes that had been following the blog. Weather was a bit mixed and the heavens opened up at the Cat & Fiddle.

Dad has been in touch with Mike Carter - the guy from the Observer who is cycling around the coast in the opposite direction. He's hoping to be back home (London) towards the end of this week.

Dad has caught up on reading this blog so he knows everything I've written about him!!

Well that's all for now folks.