Monday, February 2, 2015

Crowning the President

A ceremony did take place to officially "crown" Dad as the President of the Staffordshire LDWA.

A weekend away

Well Dad has enjoyed his first weekend away since his op. He's been staying at the Woodlands Centre at Glasbury-on-Wye. He's had a great weekend, even though it was a bit nippy! I did ask if he was taking his hot water bottle with him and he said no ... as he didn't want everyone to know he used a hot water bottle !

Dad did his own walks and on the Saturday he had a wander along the river. Sunday he had a walk up one the hills ! Took it at his own pace but on both days he was out walking for a couple of hours. This is yet another milestone ticked off !
He's back to see the surgeon this week, so it will be good that he can report that he's been doing a few miles walking!

He's done three weeks at the gym now so he should at least be getting the hang of what he needs to do on the equipment !

The President of the Staffordshire LDWA !

Well Dad may not be able to knock off the miles like he used to but he's just been made President of the Staffordshire LDWA (that's the Long Distance Walkers Association).  I don't think it's quite as grand a role as Barack Obama has and I don't think his duties will be as involved but even so he's got the title of The President ! I think that means I can now say that I'm the President's daughter. Doesn't that sound grand.