Monday, July 27, 2009


Just spoken to Dad. He is now in Cleethorpes His new front wheel has held out ... in fact it's worked just fine and he's not planning on replacing it. He left the old wheel by the recycling bins on the campsite.

Last night he managed to get a good pub meal of soup and a Sunday roast for £6.95 followed by a couple of pints. He'd just got back to the tent when it started raining and it rained most of the night.

Today's route has taken him from Withernsea through Partington and into Kingston-upon-Hull. A couple of cyclists gave him directions to keep him off the main roads and one of the routes was along the side of the river (it forms part of the Transpennine Trail). All was going well until he came to get off the path and onto the bridge. He had to carry the bike up about 50 steps. He had to do it in relays. First the panniers then the bike. It's too heavy to carry as one thing! He then cycled across the Humber Bridge which is the fifth-largest single span suspension bridge in the world! Cyclists and pedestrians go free over the bridge! Once over the bridge it was on through Barton-upon-Humber, Barrow-upon-Humber, Ulceby, Keelby and onto Cleethorpes. The first campsite he found only did 7 night bookings but he cycled on and found another site which has a model railway running by the side of it!

Weather has been mixed with a couple of downpours. First time Dad sheltered under some trees (even when it was thundering and lightening!!). The second downpour Dad had just stopped to help push a motorist who had broken down (other car drivers were driving around them!). Just as Dad was pushing the car the heavens opened and he got soaked!!

Tonight he is cooking up himself so it's cup-a-soup, curry and beans followed by rice pudding. He did say he might go and see if he can find a pub later.

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