Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well Dad has turned the corner and is now cycling along the north of Scotland. However the weather has changed. Thunder and lightning. It's been like that since 3.00 p.m. It's raining so bad he can't even dash over to the Spa shop over the road to buy tea!! He had to cycle for awhile in the rain and boy did it rain. I don't suppose it's much fun being on top of a hill on your bike with no shelter in the thunder and lightning!!!

He is staying in the Lazy Crofter Backpackers in Durness.

He might stay there for a couple of days especially if the weather doesn't clear up. Durness has a couple of pubs and shops. As a lot of his stuff was already wet he's done some laundry already!!

This morning weather was fine when he set off. He left Stoer on the small narrow lanes heading for Drumberg. The road got very hilly after Drumberg and he climbed/descended seven hills! You can even see the arrows on the map! He then got back onto the A894 towards Klyesku. Lunch was in Scourie. Dad sat on a bench which was a memorial to biker. Dad cycled on towards Laxford Bridge where it started to rain.

A man stopped Dad today and said "are you Jack". He'd been given a message from Joe & Ali who Dad had met a few days ago. They are probably a day behind Dad at the moment.

Dad is probably now about 100 miles from John o'Groats. Well if it stops raining Dad is off out for a pint or two tonight. I think it will be earned.

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  1. Hi there, hows jack doing. Im ali of jo and ali, We met youre dad briefly between strathcarron and the bottom of the applecross road. jack went straight on to torridon and we went to applecross. We thought that we may have caught up with him in durness as he was always a day ahead after the day we parted company. we then lost a load of time in ullapool as I destroyed a front tyre and had to hitch back to stathpeffer to get a new one. 45 miles south. the guy who picked me up and took me down there to get my tyre was the guy who met youre dad. i had been telling him about meeting jack and about his traveling and he spotted him on his way back north. i know this because we bumped into the same guy whilst he was travelling south again and he said that he had met him and where he was. anyway we got to cape wrath which was our destination as we only had a week. let me know when jack comes through northumberland and i will see if i can have a peddle with him. text me where he is on 077990 60937. cheers ali