Friday, July 31, 2009

Sea Palling

Dad is camping at Sea Palling on the campsite I found him last night! He's had a great day on the bike today .... weather has been sunny and he has enjoyed cycling through the lanes and calling in at all the seaside resorts.

Today his route has taken him from Wells and back onto the A149 and onto Blakeney and Salthouse (unfortunately it was 10.00 am so the fish restaurant wasn't open!!). It was then onto Weybourne but unfortunately he didn't have the time to call in the at army/navy memorabilia collection. However he did see the Windmill. It was then onto Sheringham where he got a photo of the steam train and then onto Cromer Then on through Overstrand, Trimingham and Mundesley. Lunch was at Happisburgh. Today Dad has done a "big shop" and spent £7.00 in Tesco! I suppose when you are on a bike £7.00 is a big shop!

Dad has is own chair on the campsite ... apparently you just have to ask and they will provide you with a chair. Hope the weather holds out so he can sit out and enjoy the comfort of a chair which must be bliss after sitting on a bike for days on end!

There has been swarms of wasps and ladybirds ... but Dad reckons he can out-peddle them but once he stops they keep landing on him. Dad has managed to delete his contact numbers off his phone (he was messing with it when he'd been the pub!!!! ) ... so if you have his mobile number drop him a text so he can re-add your details.

Tomorrow he is heading for Southwold/Leiston.

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