Friday, July 3, 2009


Well Dad decided to move on. Weather was fine this morning so he thought he'd make the most of it. Had a good night in the bunkhouse. There were only five people in and Dad had a room all to himself! He did a shop before he left Durness. He headed off on the A838 and cycled down one side of Loch Eriboll (10 miles) and then 10 miles along the other side Today has been a windy and hilly ride. In fact at times so windy Dad was pedalling downhill! He then headed over the Kyle of Tongue bridge into Tongue . What an ace name for a place - glad my parents didn't name me after that place though :) Dad then headed off towards Bettyhill

Dad has met up with a couple of bikers who are doing the end to end (Lands End to John o'Groats) so he is off for a pint with them tonight.

Dad and Mike Carter (the guy who is cycling the other way round Britain and writing in the Observer) are hopefully going to met up on Sunday in John o'Groats.

Well I must say I missed Dad today ... I've had to cut my own hedges! Hopefully they will last now until he comes back. Sorry Dad but you do a much better job than me :)

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