Monday, July 6, 2009


Just spoke to Dad. He is now in Brora. Been cycling in the rain today. Even had to put tent up in the rain as well - that's not fun camping! It's rained that much that part of the campsite is flooded but thankfully not around Dad's tent! He's been and dried all his stuff in the driers and when he spoke to me it had just stopped raining.

He left Wick this morning on the A99. At Latheron he picked up the A9 and he cycled on through Helmsdale and down to Brora. I knew there there was some connection with A99 and ice-cream ... Brora is famous for Capaldi's ice cream shop! Here is some more information and photos of Brora

Last night be met a couple of bikers on the campsite (Steve & Phil) and went for a drink with them. They are keen "tweeters" or as Dad was telling me "twisters". Lads if you are reading this get in touch as Dad wants to know if you managed to get your bike on the train home!

Tomorrow Dad will head off towards Inverness but will probably camp up in Dingwall.

PS if anyone wants to get in touch with me my email add is kendieplonks at googlemail dot com

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