Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A dip in the Caribbean

I had to text Dad back to ask him what he'd been swimming in for his dip in the Caribbean .. I had visions of him skinny dipping ! He text back to say his maroon stripey trunks. Now some of my Dad's friends may well know of these trunks. They are like part of the family .. well they've been with Dad for well over 40 years !  Most of my childhood holiday photos had Dad wearing the stripey trunks !  Now over the years the fabric they were made from (some sort of man made fibre) has worn thin in places. I can picture it now. Dad with his "cyclist" tan, his oh so white torso and his maroon stripey trunks! That would have made some photo.

He text back later and said "he was the best looking English man in Cuba!"

I'm wondering what he did with his money belt when he went for a dip ... he's always telling me NEVER to remove your money belt unless you are in the shower!  I bet he left it under some rock and is now currently down on the beach lifting rock after rock trying to find it !

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  1. Blimey my trunks usually last about 3 years before they go embarrassingly thin.