Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 22 Soroa

Dad text earlier. He's had a hard day on the bike today ... well it make up for the easy day yesterday. He's cycled 100 km (around 62 miles) but it has been with a headwind.  He said he could have had a lift on a ox cart but decided to tuck behind a tractor with a trailer load of people for about half an hour.

He's back in Soroa which he cycled through on Monday. He's sorted himself a Casa for the night. It's one he'd spotted when he was cycling through. He was just off to have a shower.

Dad met an English lad a couple of days ago. He was out in Vinales for the rock climbing. Must have been good to have someone have a decent chat to.

Dad will be heading back towards Havana tomorrow.

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