Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 9 en-route to Sancti Spiritus

Got a text off Dad earlier to say he was on the bus from Las Tunas to Sancti Spiritus (or Holy Spirit). He is hoping to then do some touring around Trinidad.

He never did find the bakery by Arismilda's in Manzanillo. In fact he had trouble finding Arismilda's. In the end he found a school teacher who could speak English and she gave him directions. Oh well at least he found it. Apparently Arismilda has written me a letter .... so I'll wait on writing to her until I've seen her letter.

Just got another text off Dad to say he's sat at a cafe. I'm assuming the bus has stopped for a break. I "think" his text says that the journey is around 400 kilometres (about 250 miles) and it's cost him 17 C or just over £11.00 - which for a Cuban is around four weeks pay! I'm trying to find out how far he is from Sancti Spiritus or if he's arrived ... will update if I hear back from him. 

He is hoping to get a Casa tonight. I've text him details of one I found in Sancti Spritus called Santa Elena only because I liked the sound of it and they offered free Spanish lesson and dance classes !  Would love to see someone trying to teach my Dad how to dance. Knowing Dad he'll probably not be able to find it !

Updated to say that Dad's earlier text was from a Cuban cafe en-route to Sancti Spiritus but he has text again to say that he's now arrived safely and found himself a Casa ... so he'll not be coming home fluent in Spanish and able to salsa !

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