Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cuba here he comes

Well the day is nearly upon us. Dad and his bike set off early in the morning (courtesy of Andy Swindells - thanks Andy) for Gatwick. His flight is just after 2.00 and he'll arrive in Havana 10.00 pm (their time).

He's booked into a Casa Particular (B&B to you and me) in Vedado. His plan is to have a couple of days around Havana and then catch the tourist bus down to Santiago de Cuba. He'll then have a day or two around there and then cycle along the south coast in a westerly direction. Apparently the winds in Cuba are from East to West so he wants to have a tail wind ( a couple of curries will do the trick for a tail wind I think) !  He'll head along the coast towards Manzanillo. From there it'll either be Bayamo and Holguin or he'll head direct to Les Tunas. He'll then pick up the north coast and head back towards Havana.

Dad will hopefully be in touch as often as he can ... I don't think he'll get a very good mobile signal even though he has taken it with him and I think pay phones will probably few and far between. Time difference is BST - 5 hours. I'll update the blog as often as I can.

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  1. Sounds brilliant - hope he has a good time.