Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 19 - San Diego de los Banas

Well Dad has made it San Diego de los Banos (or page 192 of the Rough Guide to Cuba !). According to the guide book this is a "laidback little village with healing waters".   Tourists and Cubans visit for prescribed course of treatments as well as beauty therapy .... Dad may still have time to become the Handsomest Man in Cuba !

Another good day on the bike. Today it was walking and biking day as some of the hills were a bit on the steep side. Dad cycled through Las Terrazas, past a couple of lakes and onto Soroa. Dad then picked up the Motorway (I assume cycles were allowed on it) and he cycled 35km  to Los Palacios. He then picked up some small roads and headed on to San Diego de los Banas.

There are few signposts in Cuba and apparently Cubans swing their arms about more than Dad when giving directions - I find that hard to believe !!  He's sorted himself a Casa for the night.

No idea where he his heading tomorrow ... so watch this space.

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