Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 24 Baracoa

Dad has had a good day on the bike. Today he's biked out of Batabano ... which he didn't particular like  nor the accommodation he was staying in. Tonight he's in Baracoa which isn't far from Havana. I was slightly concerned when I Googled Baracoa and found it right over on the eastern tip of Cuba ... and I thought Dad would have needed more than a strong tailwind to get there in a day and he certainly wouldn't have passed a drug test ! Anyway I text and asked which one and he clarified the one just outside Havana.

Today he's cycled through Bejucal  (which apparently is where Andy Garcia lived until he was 5 - but Dad has probably never heard of him) and then on through lots of small villages. There has been plenty of arm waving as Dad has been asking for directions - the Cubans flap as much as my Dad when directing. 

Unfortunately Dad couldn't find a bed for the night but someone has taken pity on him and offered their bed - they are sleeping on the floor. So today he'll be dining with the Cubans and his bike sharing the yard with some pigs! He did say they were very friendly family.  He's off for a swim later.

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