Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 11 - Trinidad

Dad text me earlier to say he'd had a great evening meal last night in the Sol y Mar Hostel - king prawns. I hope they didn't arrive at the table with their heads still on ! Reading the reviews for the hostel it does say the "host is probably the best cook in Cuba". There are a couple of lads from Devon staying in the hostel but they are there for the music, beer and late nights. Now the last time Dad went to a music bar on one of these trips he had his wallet stolen (in Ireland) so I'm hoping he steers clear of music bars on this trip!

Dad has had a great day today in Trinidad itself. He's been to Church (well it is Sunday !). Apparently they had some "sort" of Palm Sunday service. He then did a 10 kilometre run/walk. Perhaps it was Trinidad's version of the London Marathon!  Anyway Dad apparently won the over 70's prize !  I'm not sure if that was for racing or for knobbly knees (I'm just seeking clarification on that!). After a busy morning of Church and racing he then went and had a Cuban pizza for lunch. I've read about these in Lynette's book!

Well today has been a great day for Dad's footie team Stoke City. Stoke were playing Bolton at Wembley in the FA cup semi-final, so I gave Dad a goal by text report of the match, plus a HT and FT recap (so that's FIVE texts for the goals and one for HT and one for FT - so at least seven texts) only for him to text me and say "Pam text me the Stoke result - good result!" I did have to go and check my phone just to make sure I'd actually text Dad and not some random from my phone book. Anyway all my text did eventually turn up ! I bet he looked like Mr Popular with all the beeping as the texts arrived!

Dad did say he was off for a swim soon to celebrate the win ... not sure if that's his win for the race/walk or Stoke beating Bolton and getting to the FA cup final. Either way, I hope he has a fab swim.

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