Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 17 - Havana

Dad is back in Havana tonight staying at Casa Galeano - I should know because I booked him in ! There was more traffic on the road today, probably because it's the weekend. Dad took the coast road passing through Santa Cruz del Norte, Campo Florido and back into Havana ... well not before he was escorted off the motorway but the police as there was a tunnel coming up and bikes were not allowed through the tunnel. Dad took the ferry instead. Never a trip goes by when Dad isn't escorted off some motorway or other by the police.

The Casa Galeano is in Vedado which is a suburb of Havana. Tomorrow Dad will be heading to Vinales. I've managed to top up his mobile phone for him so he can keep in touch. At 40p a text mobile credit doesn't go far !

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  1. When you said your Dad had got an escort in Cuba, I did begin to wonder....
    angi x