Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 7 & 8 The International game of Dominoes

Had another couple of texts earlier off Dad. He filled me in a bit on what he had done while visiting Arismilda and her family. They played the International game of dominoes or 3's and 5's ... well they weren't really going to sit round playing Trivial Pursuit !  I wonder if in Cuba they "knock" when they can't go.  Following dominoes he sat and watched a baseball game with them on TV which featured the local team. Dad would have had no idea of the rules! Hope Dad enjoyed the afternoon and evening he spent with them.

Dad is now in Las Tunas. The route he took today was pretty flat as he was heading inland.  He is staying at the Islazul hotel and for 18 CUC  (roughly £12.00) it looks pretty good. Rooms have satellite TV, bath, terrace or balcony and most importanlty air-conditioning. It's been a hot day out on the bike today (temperature in the low 30's) - so after the bath the air conditioning must be very welcoming.

Tomorrow he is thinking of taking the bus up country and onto Sancti Spiritus.


  1. Sounds like he's having a brill time. Glad he's managing to keep in touch. Angi

  2. Baseball makes cricket look interesting. Yanks love it cos you can compile huge tables of statistics about it, which seems to be the only interest one can extract from the game.