Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 7 Manzanillo

I didn’t hear back from Dad last night. I gave up about 11.30pm (or time) and text him to say I was off to bed. I did start to wonder if Arismilda and her family had been hospitable to Dad or if they’d abducted him ! I need not have worried. Just got a text off Dad to say he had a good night last night with Arismilda and they were very hospitable to Dad and made him most welcome. He was unable to text back as there were lots of folk around and Dad needs ALL his concentration to text !

So as Dad has meet up with Arismilda that would mean he’s made it to Manzanillo (which apparently means “little apple”). I wonder if Dad got some bread rolls this morning from the bakery that Lynette talks about in her book !

Dad is now en-route to Las Tunas. When he text he was at a place called Cauto. Dad is hoping to find Sharon Garcia while he is in Las Tunas (he read about her on another blog).

Dad will text again later with an update.

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