Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 3 - Santiago de Cuba

Had a couple of texts off Dad today. He was on the bus heading down to Santiago de Cuba. He was complaining yesterday how hot Havana was ... well he was freezing on the bus as they had the air-con on. There is just no pleasing some folk !  Hope he managed to get some sleep.

He did say that for tea last night he'd had soup (I bet it wasn't a cup-a-soup) and a chicken salad. The two nights in the Casa Galeano and two evening meals had cost 85 (Cuban Convertible Pesos - or CUC) which is approx £56.00.

His second text was to say he'd reached Santiago de Cuba. A bit of damage to the bike (a broken mud guard). Dad is staying in Calle Aguilera No 772 Casa and it's costing 18 CUC approx £12.00. I wonder if they will feed him for that !  Just googled it and found the following on a forum :

"Good place, average rooms, Melida is a lovely host. It's just a block or 2 past the Plaza de Marte, so is easy to walk to most of the central sites and activities in Santiago.The casa is actually owned by her mother (Magdalena), but Melida lives there and runs it."

I think he'll be fine staying there!

He's had enough of Cities and is heading for the east coast tomorrow.

I'll update as and when I hear from him


  1. Definitely a smart move - I recall achieving 17km in 3 hours trying to head east before jumping on a train and doing just that! Would have loved him to check in on Lolita, who was so kind to me when I stayed there ...before leaving Santiago he should try and take a spin out to Cayo Granma - magic little isle off the coast there!

  2. He got my text too late to visit the isle !