Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 14 - Australia

No Dad hasn't caught the first plane out of Cuba to Oz ... he's in a place in Cuba called Australia ! Been a bit wet on the bike, I think it's the first time he's had rain (well it's the first time he's mentioned it!).  He stopped of in La Boca Guama where there is a replica Taino village. I thought my Dad's text said Tiny village - I had visions of him touring a model village !  Dad met lots of bikers in La Boca Guama. In fact three coach loads, so around 60 cyclists. Dad said he was glad he was going "solo".

He is currently staying at the Batey Don Pedro hotel.  The hotel is located in the natural setting on Peninsula de Zapata - one of the most important ecosystems in Cuba and the largest swamp reserve in the Caribbean. Dad did mention that he had been riding through swamp land and he has seen lots of birds today. Reading the blurb it says the area of Las Salinas and Hatiguanico is where you can see more then 65 species of migratory, endemic and native birds and is ideal place for resting, bird watching and fishing.  I bet he's not taken his binoculars with him.

Tomorrow is heading for the West Coast.

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