Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dad has tracked down Arismilda

Just had a quick text off Dad to say he's managed to track down Arismilda which must mean he's arrived in Manzanillo.  

Arismilda and family feature in Lynette Chiang's book the Handsomest Man in Cuba. She wrote This is a lovely family, all crammed into a tiny living space. Arismilda listens to the radio and writes down the addresses of people who contact the station asking for a penfriend in Cuba. She has written to several but never got a reply. The family are clearly very poor, yet Juan secured me a dozen bread rolls from the bakery and refused payment, saying "All I ask is that you write to my wife." I wrote to them, but I am unsure if it arrived. Please pop by and say hello. And promise to write to her.

Hopefully Dad will get a photo and I promise to write to them !

Dad will update me later.


  1. How amazing and wonderful is that. The wonders of the internet......x

  2. Ah, Chapter 14. The bakery next door to their house is where I refuelled, thanks to her hubby Marco . I always wondered why Cuban breadrolls are so delicious. It just dawned on me now ... they are probably made of manteca - pig fat!