Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 16 - Playa Jibacoa

Dad text earlier. He's had a good ride today. Lots of ups and downs and bends and some great views. The Varadera road is a toll road which is free for bikes. However the road to Matanzas was a bike free road (no bikes allowed) so Dad took the coast road instead.

He's had problems getting a bed tonight as a lot of the cabins were full of Cubans - it must be their holiday time. However he's managed to get a Casa in Playa Jibacoa. The Casa is on the coast so he was off for swim this afternoon.

He text later to say the family in the Casa where he was staying had been fishing and caught a 4ft fish (Dad did say he'd got photos to prove) so I guess it's fish for tea tonight, well it is Good Friday.

Tomorrow Dad will be heading back to Havana.

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  1. Is there any way I could get some information on the Casa your dad rented in Playa Jibacoa? I heading to Cuba for the 17th time and am a major fan of snorkeling but find all resorts and hotels as vastly inferior to Casa Particulars. Jibacoa only recently opened up to CPs but I have been unable to find any.