Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 10 - Trinidad

Dad text me earlier to say that today he had cycled from Sancti Spiritus to Trinidad - that's the one in Cuba and not the one in the West Indies !  He must have set off early as he text me just after 6.00 pm (which would have been 1.00 Cuba time) to say he'd made it to Trinidad. He'd got himself a Casa down by the sea in a place called La Boca. The Casa Dad is staying tonight is Sol y Mar.  Looks a nice place ... and it does laundry so Dad might get some washing done! He did say he was off for a swim later. He's had a great day on the bike today as the route he took was through the mountains on roads with bends !

He's getting used to using Cuban money ... ie shopping like the locals. Today he's had a bap and an drink of organge for 3 pesos (a few pence).

Got a text a bit later to say he'd been for a swim. Weather is still VERY hot, so he's been getting up early and setting off before 7.00 am. The first couple of hours it's ok cycling but after that it's on and off the bike and finding a bit of shade to rest. 

Tomorrow he is off to look around Trinidad.

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