Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 1 - Havana

Well just got a text from Dad with an update of his day.  He's had a great day. This morning he had a ride out to Marianao. Following lunch it was then onto Guanabacoa and finally onto Havana Vieja or Old Havana as it's also known.

Weather has been very hot - just had a look and it's around 32 or 33 degrees ! That's warm.  Tonight he's been back to the Casa and had lobster for tea ... now that's a bit more upmarket than his usual "camping" tea ! I bet he's having a craving for a cup-a-soup :)

Apparently it was the bike box that was damaged and not the bike. That's a relief.

Dad has booked the overnight bus to Santiago de Cuba for tomorrow night. Departs Havana at 10.00 pm and arrives in Santiago de Cuba at 12.00 am. So tomorrow he will have another day in and around Havana.

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