Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 12 - Cienfuegos

Got a text from Dad earlier to say he was now in Cienfuegos. He got there about 1 o'clock so he must have had an early start from Trinidad this morning. He's had a good ride.  Last night Dad went "self-catering" as he had a house to look after for the night ! Who would leave my Dad in charge of a house! He must have eaten out at a restaurant as he text to say fish was on the menu.

Not sure what the Casa is called where Dad is staying tonight (I've texted him to ask) in Cienfuegos but it's on the sea front with good views out over the bay and of the ships in the port. Don't think there will be any swimming today though so instead Dad has been for a walk along the sea front. Tonight on the menu is lobster. He'll be nipping into Asda when he gets home ordering a lobster!

Well the "tip" to take £5.00 notes wasn't much use and Dad has now changed them into Cuban pesos.

Tomorrow Dad is heading for Playa Girón and the site of the Bay of Pigs invasion which happened 50 years ago to the day - well the 17th -19th April 1961 !

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