Monday, September 6, 2010

Thieving gits ...

Someone thieving git has nicked my Dad's wallet tonight. He was out enjoying himself in a pub in Kinsale and come to go home and his wallet has gone. Cash, cards, driving licence, house keys !

I've put a stop on one of the cards that has gone, need to get details of the other card and ring back in the morning.  Thankfully he has some money and another card so he'll be ok for money. Just very inconvenient. He was only saying how friendly the Irish are. A little to friendly I think !!


  1. Sorry to hear that Kendie, we're not all like that! I hope the weather stays okay for Jack, it was a complete washout here in Belfast yesterday.

  2. May 2014 the wallet has been found complete with cash and cards and should hopefully be on it's way back home soon. Dad had actually lost it rather than it being stolen as it has been found behind the couch in the bar.