Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 6 - Kinsale

Dad has made it to Kinsale ! He had a later start this morning as it was raining until about 9.30, so he set off after the rain.  He headed off from the hostel and back into Youghal in search of information from the Information Centre. However they weren't that forthcoming with the information ... so Dad headed on his way. 

His route this morning took him from Youghal and onto Castlemartyr and then onto Midleton where he stopped at the Two Mile pub for coffee and a bacon buttie!  From there he headed onto Cork where Dad had to take the main roads - not pleasant riding ! He did at first head off on the N28 but found that it had a tunnel that didn't allow cycles through so Dad had to pull a U-ee and head back along the N28. He faired better on the N25 and headed into Cork.  Dad stopped off for lunch in Carrigaline just in time before the rain came again.. He sat it out awhile but in the end had to put the waterproofs on and head onto Kinsale.

Dad had hoped to get a bed in the hostel but it's full so he has got himself a B&B for the night. He's got a double room and a shower and his bike is currently in the hall of the B&B!  He is off down the pub now for tea and no doubt a pint or two of Guinness !

Tomorrow is he heading off to Skibbereen !


  1. he should come up north and meet us all here. Though the weather is hateful at the moment.

  2. hi jack well iam back from rhyl i had a good time exporling the n5 ,looking for a good rout from chester to rhyl for next time ,but you my good man, are stil out on the raod, so you have a good time best wishers. paul

  3. Certainly seems to be getting around the coast bloomin quick. Youghal to Kinsale looks a LONG way on Google Maps! Fingers crossed that the weather picks up for the fella.