Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 7 - Rosscarbery

Well today has been a better day !  Dad slept well last night ... despite all the goings on (I kept waking up though !).  The B&B he'd got was very basic and the price had gone from 20 Euros a night to 28 Euros ! This morning the landlady asked if he wanted tea or coffee and said "I'll do you a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast".  Dad wasn't happy with this as he wanted a full breakfast for 28 Euros so he agreed to pay her 20 Euros and he'd go elsewhere for breakfast. So this is what he did while waiting for the police station to open at 10.00 am (they have good jobs them policemen !).  Anyway Dad gave all the details to the police. They were very good and even took Dad back to the pub. The landlady had a good search around and the pub had been hoovered and nothing had turned up. The police did say that they'd not had any other reports of pick-pockets, but I suppose pick-pockets go on holiday ... and they could have just happened to be in the same pub as Dad.  There are some CCTV cameras so they are going to check them out. They gave Dad a crime number but I don't expect we'll see the wallet again.

So once all that was sorted Dad headed on his way at about 11.00 am. His route this morning took him from Kinsale to Ballinspittle and then onto Timoleague where he had hoped to find somewhere to have lunch. Unfortunately there was no cafe nor pub so Dad ended up in a little shop and picked up six iced buns and had four of them for lunch with a bottle of pop!  After lunch he headed onto Clonakilty (I think he'd been cycling on the R600 and N71) where he found a shop and purchased a new wallet for £4.99 !  It was then onto Rosscarbery.  Dad spotted a sign for the Curraheen Lodge hostel and seeing that it had started to rain he decided to cut short the day (it was 3.30 pm) and head up to the hostel. When he arrived there was no one around at the hostel but the door was open so he made himself at home and about 5.00 pm they turned up. There is no food provided at the hostel so for tea tonight Dad is on "emergency" rations of cup-a-soup, curry noodles and the remaining two iced buns. However he has managed to find some wind-falls today on the side of the road and he has had apples and plums for pudding ! 

Dad says the hostel is very nice, there is no one else in but him and at 15 Euros it's a very good price.  He's staying in tonight ... he even said himself I think I'd better give the pubs a miss they cost to much!

Well last night wasn't a good night, but that was yesterday, today has been a good day on the bike and Dad is back on track for a good trip.

PS For those that have been reading my Dad's travel blog for sometime will remember something similar happening out in Nepal when Dad lost his money/cards!  It's no wonder I'm going grey!

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