Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 2 - Wicklow Head

Well today the weather has been glorious and Dad knocked off about 3.00 ish so he could have a wander down on the beach. Found a campsite right by the sea. 

Had a good night last night. He met up with a friend and her sisters who was over in Dublin. They came and found the hotel he was staying in ... so Dad enjoyed a pint of Guinness with company.  This morning he set off after a full Irish breakfast which included cereal, the full works, toast and coffee! Dad took the coast road through Bray and Greystones where he stopped for a coffee.  He then pedalled on to Wicklow where he had a late lunch of sandwich and a tea for 5 Euros (I must find the Euro sign on this keyboard !).  He is now camped up about 3 miles past Wicklow at Wicklow Head.

Dad had a cycle up to the Wicklow Head Lighthouse . He then headed off to pick up some provisions for evening meal .... tonight it's cup-a-soup, tin of spaghetti, banana and yoghurt and a cup of tea. A banquet fit for a king.  Unfortunately no pub close by and the shuttle bus has finished for the season so it will be an early night tonight.

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  1. Ref the Euro sign: If you've got a numberpad on your computer (I'm assuming you're on a laptop!) then try ALT + 0128 or Ctrl + Alt + E.........