Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 28 - Letterkenny

Well today hasn't gone quite to plan. It's been a wet and cold day and Dad knocked off at 3.30. 

Dad had a good night last night. He cooked up in the hostel and stayed in at night. There were a few folk in the hostel. He also read up on where he'd been and found out that the pass he climbed over yesterday was the Glengesh Pass.

The morning he set off after a Continental breakfast and cycled into Dunfanaghy. Dad continued on the N56 onto Portnablagh and then onto Creeslough where Dad headed off onto some minor roads.  He stopped off for coffee and a scone in Carrick. He then headed into Milford where he stopped at the police station to enquiry if the ferry was running from Ruthmullan to Burncrana. Unfortunately it wasn't so Dad has had to ride around the estuary which meant he's now in Letterkenny at the Letter Port Hostel.

Dad has had to fix the plumbing in the hostel so he could have a shower tonight - I think he should get reduced rate for that !  He is off to Yellow Pepper restaurant tonight for tea.

Dad is hoping to reach Malin Head tomorrow.


  1. Blimey looks like a very nice restaurant. Has he looked ta the menu though, the prices could be a bit much to swallow, though I think he deserves a treat after days of Pot Noodle and things. have a good night Jack.

  2. Slow cooked Lamb shank for me please!