Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 30 - Londonderry

Dad has crossed the border and is now in Northern Ireland ... not that there was anything to indicate a border, he just noticed that the signs read mph rather than kph ! He's had a good day on the bike. Weather been good with just a slight bit of rain but Dad nipped for a coffee and by the time he came out it had stopped. 

Dad had a good night in the hostel last night. He got chatting to a couple of Aussie women (mother and daughter) who tracing their family tree.

This morning Dad set off about 9.00 am.  The route took him through Urbalreagh and through the lanes to Culdaff where Dad picked up an early coffee from a shop. He then headed onto Gleneely where he stopped for a coffee and a scone.  It was then onto Moville down by the edge of the Lough Foyle.  Dad then cycled around the coast line to Carrakeel where he stopped for lunch in a pub of a pot of tea and sandwiches. Dad headed onto Muff and into Northern Ireland. He then headed through Culmore and onto Derry/Londonderry. At one point the road was that busy that Dad cycled on the pavement (he has since found the cycle path !).

Dad is staying at the Derry City Independent Hostel. He got there about 3.00 and had a shower and then went for a walk about. He has walked the City Walls which took about one and half hours as he kept stopping and reading up on all the history. When he rang he was sitting on the wall (a nursery rhyme comes to mind !).  Tonight Dad is heading to Weatherspoons for tea (that'll be a bit cheaper than the Yellow Pepper) and a pint and then of to the Guild Hall for some Irish music.

Tomorrow he'll be following the coast around the Lough Foyle.


  1. I notice he headed onto Muff and not in to it!

  2. I shall refrain from comments on aussies and looking in to family trees.

  3. It'll only seem cheaper cos it will be in pounds instead of Euros. Unless those cunning N Irish charge £ equivalent of Euro. (Where is the Euro symbol)?

  4. Yes I did choose my words when it came to Muff! As for the Euro sign I am still none the wiser after 30 days! Glad he's back into the land of the £ !

  5. Good old Muff we go there now and again ! Fill the car up.
    Had he been in Derry/Londonderry on Saturday as opposed today would have tried to see him. Am not that far away at the minute am just 35 miles away. So jack drop in if you want . A good meal and a warm welcome is here.